What is Biltong (cont.)

melinas-biltong-cyprus-the-drying-processBiltong is a simple, but wonderful food. Basically, its dried meat, flavoured with herbs and spices and our South African magic!
Ours is made using the best cuts of silverside or topside, carefully cut into strips and air-dried. Other meats such as pork, chicken, venison and ostrich can be used but we know the best Biltong is made using Beef.
Biltong has a really interesting past and was born out of necessity. When Dutch settlers arrived in South Africa, the hot climate made it important to find a way to store meat without it going off. Since refrigerators were a fair few years away, the resourceful “Voortrekkers” has to find another solution.
By hanging out the South African meat to dry, it soon became hard on the outside while capturing rich flavour on the inside. They soon discovered that not only would the meat last for months, it also created a whole new eating sensation, with intensified flavour and texture. Chewing a chunk of meat would never be the same again!
Not only that, there are some amazing nutritional results too!

When ordering our Biltong, its important to make sure you specify how you like it. For example, most red-blooded South Africans eat wet beef Biltong, with a healthy amount of fat running down the edge!
More cautious Biltong lovers usually prefer dry beef Biltong, a darker finish without any fat whatsoever. This is most similar to beef jerky.

Whichever way you like it though, you are sure to love our Biltong-which we make right here locally in Cyprus!

Great Tasting Biltong
Can I Buy Biltong in Bulk?
Can I Order Biltong in Bulk?
Sales of our biltong have been great this year so far! So great that we are now supplying biltong to retail outlets.